Wendy Napolitano

I am a conference leader for “Lemurian Call to Action- Lightworkers Unite!” In my journey I have discovered I am a fractal of Archangel Raziel; Amun Ra; a red fire dragon “Fredrick”; Elvin King “Mickeal”(sounds Germanic); Goddess “Athena”; Lemurian Priestess “Razi” (pronounced “Rah-Chee); and as an Oglala Sioux in SD “Willow Running Waters”amongst others! These past lives are concurrent in my etheric field and I access them in my healing methodologies. As Archangel Raziel my dominions are the akashic records and knowledge so I am able to conduct regression healing without hypnosis. My awakening was to etheric drums by my ancestors while in SD in September of 2012. I work in the quantum field to help you understand spiritually on a higher level including manifestation.

I sever cords of poverty and lack, undo curses, clear karmic debt, and remove psychic attacks and entities. I am an energy healer and ascension code activator! I replace fear with love, self confidence and self worth. I bring your gifts on line and upgrade your DNA. Activations include: opening your Galactic Chakras so you can connect with your Star Family, speaking and writing in Light Language.

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